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EVO International Conference, London, 16 May 2012

16 May 2012, Environmental Technologies, CEH

Harnessing Emerging Technologies for Environmental Science, Royal Geographical Society, London, 16th May 2012

EVO is holding an international conference to explore how new information technologies, and in particular the cloud, can be best used in the environmental sector. International speakers include those from the EU, UK Government, the IT industry, and the academic and research sector. The conference will be of considerable interest to environmental policy makers, UK industry and consultants and environmental researchers.


The Environmental Virtual Observatory (EVO) is a project trialing the use of innovative web-based technologies. The aim of EVO is to demonstrate how researchers using cloud computing, in collaboration with government, environmental regulators, industry and local communities, can develop better, more effective, and efficient solutions to pressing environmental issues.

The EVO project team is a collaboration between two Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) research centres, a number of UK Universities, and stakeholders from government, environmental regulators and industry.

Who should participate in the conference?

The meeting will be of value to researchers, policymakers and consultants from the environmental science community who have an interest in working with each other and the IT sector.

New technologies will require new standards, new ways of working, and groups from disparate disciplines coming together. The conference will aim to address the following questions:

  • How can advances in IT help to solve or ameliorate major environmental issues?
  • What are the practical barriers hindering and the opportunities to encourage integration between IT, research and user communities?
  • What approaches, individuals and institutions appear to constitute the cutting edge of this IT – environment integration?

Visit the EVO website or download the Conference Flyer for more information.


There are no registration fees for this Conference, although participants need to register in advance. On-line registration is now open. The closing date for registration is 4 May 2012.


The Environmental Virtual Observatory (EVO) website


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