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The Finnish Environment Institute (also known as SYKE, after the Institute's Finnish acronym) is both a research institute, and a centre for environmental expertise. SYKE's research focuses on changes in the environment, and seeks ways to control these changes. SYKE's expertise is based on long-term environmental monitoring, wide-ranging research results, and the Institute's highly-qualified sta


Multi-disciplinary research into environmental issues


SYKE's research programmes assess environmental problems from a multi-disciplinary perspective, by integrating socio-economic considerations into scientific research. Research may focus on global environmental issues such as climate change and declining biodiversity, or on regional or local issues.


Expert help on environmental problems


SYKE's expert services can provide vital expert assistance on a wide-range of environmental issues for administrators, local authorities, industries, firms and other organisations. SYKE can produce detailed environmental assessments drawing on expertise from many fields. SYKE also closely monitors environmental trends and the state of the environment in Finland in co-operation with Finland's regional environmental administration.


Information and co-operation


SYKE serves as the national centre for environmental data in Finland. The data stored in our information systems is widely used for environmental monitoring, environmental modelling, forecasting and impact analysis. SYKE co-operates closely with other research institutes, universities, environmental experts and businesses, both in Finland and internationally.


SYKE employs about 650 people. The total operating funds of the Finnish Environment Institute in 2008 amounted to 45,8 million euros. About 58 % of this sum was allocated to the Institute directly from the national government budget.