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Call for participation in an EU-wide monitoring campaign of manure

05/31/2018, JRC

The JRC is looking for participants to help with its monitoring campaign of manure to help develop criteria for safe processed manure. In order to promote the sustainable recovery of nutrients from manure, it is vital to make a careful evaluation of the agronomic benefit versus possible risks to environment and health. Within this framework, the European Commission is carrying out research into the role of the agricultural application of manure (processed and not) in the propagation of anti-microbial resistance, interspecies exchange or antibiotic resistant genes as well as the role of veterinary antimicrobial agents.
Via manure application in agriculture, veterinary medicines and biocides are released into the environment, affect ing soil and water quality zoom

To fill existing data gaps on drainage from lands that have been irrigated with treated wastewater or that have been fertilised directly with animal manure or derived bio-solids (e.g. after digestion or further processing), the European Commission is looking for participants to join the exercise by providing access to suitable test sites and manure samples.Further information and the terms of participation are provided in the links below.

Interested researchers or research facilities are invited to express their interest by 31 August 2018.