The Department of Environmental Science at Aarhus University would like to collaborate with ambitious postdoctoral researchers with excellent research track records on Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships (MSCA IFs) in 2016 and onwards.

The department conducts research and advisory activities mainly within the following areas: Atmospheric Pollutions, Environmental Pollutants and Ecosystem services (see:

Specifically, the department is keen to host potential candidates to work on projects –preferably for two years - related to the following topics:

  • Arctic research
  • Integrated spatial modelling of land-use, water and air quality, integrating natural and social scientific models and data
  • Circular resource flows
  • Atmospheric pollution and impacts on human health
  • Environmental DNA
  • Remediation of water and soil
  • Climate change, mitigation and adaptation
  • Sustainable energy and environment

What can we offer?

Aahus University will host a Masterclass in May 2016 (tentative dates 10-12 May 2016) where you, as a potential MSCA IFs applicant, will have the chance to travel to Denmark for three days with the following programme:

  • Get an introduction to AU and Denmark, Copenhagen & Roskilde;
  • Get an introduction to the MSCA IF programme and application;
  • Get an introduction to the relevant section and meet potential colleagues; and
  • Work on the project description together with us to ensure an excellent starting point and get relevant input to create as strong an application as possible.

If selected for the Masterclass, participants travel costs will be covered!

The Individual Fellowships application is to be submitted by September 14th 2016 and if the application is successful the two-year period will start in spring 2017. The grant provides an allowance to cover your living, travel and family costs.

Who are we looking for and how to apply

We are looking for ambitious candidates with project ideas within the topics outlined above. We expect you to have an excellent research track records (minimum one first author publication) and be enthusiastic about at least one of the above mentioned research areas, academically curious and open minded towards the diversity of research approaches to deal with environmental and biological issues.

In order to decide whether you meet this profile, please email us a synopsis of the project you wish to work on (max. 1 page) and a copy of your CV and list of publications. Please email these documents no later than March 14th 2016 to: John Jacobsen via e-mail:

We have a short evaluation process and you will know by the beginning of April, if you are invited to the Masterclass in May.

If you have any questions you are very welcome to contact John Jacobsen +45 93508383 for further information.

Please note to be eligible for an application, you must have a PhD or 4 years of full-time research experience since your MSc. by September 14th 2016. In addition, you cannot have lived in Denmark for longer than 12 months in the past three years on September 14th 2016.

Who are we?

Aarhus University ranges among the top ten universities founded within the past 100 years and is currently number 73 on the Shanghai ranking list. AU educates 44,500 students and about 450 PhD students annually with 11,550 permanent staff.

The Department of Environmental Science consists of 130 employees that runs basic and problemoriented research within organic, chemical and physical connections in the environment and within economic, political and social conditions in the interaction between environment and society.

The department provides an excellent environment for younger researchers to thrive and to work on projects of interest to them with active mentoring from senior research staff. We are located near Copenhagen and you can easily reach both the city centre and Copenhagen airport by public transportation.