In Russia, the yield expectations for winter wheat are very high thanks to adequate water supply throughout the season. The yield forecasts for spring barley and spring wheat are at a record high level. However, the harvest has been delayed in the colder regions, with concerns over possible yield losses if winter arrives early. Grain maize yield expectations are also positive, despite a downward revision as a result of high temperatures and limited water supply in southern Russia.

In Ukraine, the yield outlook for winter and spring cereals is also very positive despite the rain deficit observed this year. Winter wheat and barley yields are forecast to be similar to last year, thus close to record level. The grain maize yield is forecast to be at the five-year average, although slightly below the historical trend because of the rain deficit. However, the sunflower yield forecast has been revised substantially downwards because of the high temperatures and rain deficit in southern Ukraine in August.

In Turkey, the yield forecasts are also positive in spite of a very hot summer. The forecasts for wheat and barley remain above the five-year average and firmly above last year’s level, despite a downward revision for barley compared to our June Bulletin. Thanks to irrigation, the yield forecast for grain maize remains distinctly above the five-year average and above last year’s level. However, the forecast for sugar beet has been revised downwards, to slightly below 2016 values.

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