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The manual will help in collecting data to understand where to focus efforts to keep Europe’s seas and beaches clean. © Andrii Zastrozhnov, adobe stock 2021

Keeping Europe’s seas clean: a new manual for harmonised litter monitoring

Released today, a new manual will support people entrusted with monitoring marine litter to record the data they collect in a harmonised way.

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© Juha Tuomi / Rodeo

World Water Day calls attention to valuing water – Finnish Environment Institute offers versatile water expert services worldwide

Today we celebrate the World Water Day and this year’s theme is ‘Valuing Water’. As stated by the UN High Level Panel on Water: “In order to recognise the value of water you need to understand water and manage it sustainably”.

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© Unsplash

PEER-webinar on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and risk

The webinar, open for all PEER members, will summarise insights from PEER-TRISD project, and provide ideas for future work on the Sustainable Development Goals, resilience and adaptation in PEER organisations. The webinar is on Tuesday, May 18, at...

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The recommendation builds on an EU Umbrella Initiative collecting the knowledge and experience regarding the surveillance of COVID-19 and its variants in wastewaters. ©hxdyl -

Coronavirus: Commission adopts a common approach to track COVID-19 through wastewater monitoring

Today, the European Commission adopted a Recommendation on monitoring COVID-19 and its variants in wastewaters in the EU. The aim is to make greater use of a new source of independent information on the spread of the virus and its variants, which...

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Photo: Ilkka Lastumäki, SYKE.

Aranda’s monitoring cruise: Record high temperatures in some areas in the Baltic Sea, increasing phosphorus concentrations in the Archipelago Sea and the Bothnian Sea

Water temperatures in the Baltic Sea are increasing and the deep-water temperatures are record-high in some areas. Phosphorus concentrations are rising in the central part of the Archipelago Sea and the Bothnian Sea. The observations were made during...

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Annegret Grimm-Seyfarth with specially trained detection dog "Zammy", a Border Collie. Photo: André Künzelmann / UFZ Annegret Grimm-Seyfarth with specially trained detection dog "Zammy", a Border Collie. Photo: André Künzelmann / UFZ

Sniffing in the name of science. Detection dogs help generate important data for research and conservation.

The lists of Earth’s endangered animals and plants are getting increasingly longer. But in order to stop this trend, we require more information. It is often difficult to find out exactly where the individual species can be found and how their...

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Construction emissions may now be compared – new emissions database lays foundation for statutory guidance of low-carbon construction

A new service opened today provides impartial data on the climate impacts of construction products used in Finland, such as carbon footprint and handprint, material efficiency and recyclability. This information harmonises the calculation of...

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Forests' vulnerability to insect outbreaks has increased, especially in the rapidly warming northern forests. (c) K I Photography – Adobe

More than half of Europe’s forests vulnerable to climate-related hazards, study finds

Climate change has made Europe’s forests more vulnerable to hazards like fires, insect outbreaks, windthrows, or a combination of these three, according to a new JRC study.

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Graphic: Word cloud. Photo: fotolia / graphic: Susan Walter / UFZ

Scientists Call for a Global Science Panel on Chemicals

An international group of scientists led by ETH Zurich and with the collaboration of the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research is proposing a global intergovernmental science-policy body for informing policymakers and the public on chemicals...

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© Simon Stübbe / Adobe Stock

How may global changes affect the future of Finland's agricultural and food economy?

The future development of Finland's agricultural and food economy depends significantly on changes happening in other countries and how Finland reacts to those changes. In the next few decades, societies will change in a way that is difficult to...

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