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Near-record high yields of winter and spring cereals are expected in Russia and Ukraine. ©Fotolia, author: M. Damkier

Positive cropping season in Russia, Ukraine and Turkey

Three issues in the JRC MARS Bulletin global outlook series were published today: on Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

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Researchers have shown that the combination of microbial and electrochemical conversion of complex biomass can yield valuable products. Photo: UFZ / André Künzelmann

Fuel from waste and electricity?

Production of drop-in fuel from biomass and electric energy by combined microbial and electrochemical conversion

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Python skins in a tannery in West Malaysia for the international market. To date, it has been almost impossible to prove whether such skins are from legal or illegal harvests. Photo: Mark Auliya, UFZ

Hope for improving protection of the reticulated python

Trading in skins of the reticulated python is such a lucrative business that illegal exports are rising sharply and existing trade restrictions are being circumvented on a large scale. This is endangering the stability of populations. Therefore,...

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EU sunflower yields are forecast to be well above the five-year average ©EU, by Gráinne Mulhern

Continued positive outlook for summer crops

According to the JRC MARS crop monitoring Bulletin for Europe, published today, favourable conditions prevailed in most of France, Germany and the Benelux countries. In Mediterranean regions and eastern Europe, heatwaves and low precipitation...

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JRC scientists simulated the Black Sea’s characteristics, including its currents, salt content and temperature. ©European Union, 2017

Black Sea water temperatures may buck global trend

Average surface temperatures of the Black Sea may not have risen, according to the surprising results of a new study from the JRC.

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Billions of people around the world face water stress. ©EU, by Andreas Brink

JRC and global experts provide recommendations on the SDG indicator “water stress”

In a new publication in Science of The Total Environment, JRC and leading global scientists in the field of water management identify 7 essential elements that should be considered in a water stress indicator. Although the Sustainable Development...

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The rapidly developing field of genomics can be used to help sustainably manage seafood resources. ©EU - adapted from Fotolia, author: R. Carey

The quest for sustainable seafood – An international research consortium calls for fisheries and aquaculture management to tap into the power of genomics

With the human population continuing to grow and the developing world gaining in prosperity, the global demand for food will rise. New food resources must therefore be explored, along with strategies that enable the sustainable exploitation of such...

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Amphipods of the species Eulimnogammarus verrucosus react negatively to higher temperatures and pollutants like cadmium. Photo: ISU / Vasiliy Pavlichenko

Research at Lake Baikal - for the protection of a unique ecosystem

Lake Baikal, with its exceptional species diversity and unique wildlife, is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. As part of the Helmholtz Russia Research Group LaBeglo, UFZ researchers are studying the impact of climate change and environmental...

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In large parts of central and south-eastern Europe, summer crops benefited from adequate rainfall, which mitigated the negative impacts of heatwaves. ©Fotolia, author: annavalerievna1

Slightly improved outlook for EU summer crops

According to the latest JRC MARS crop monitoring Bulletin for Europe, published today, heatwaves and scarce precipitation persisted in July and at the beginning of August in large parts of the Mediterranean, central and eastern European regions....

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How can we minimise the pollutants in Europe`s bodies of water and provide a near-natural habitat for plants and animals? Photo: UFZ / André Künzelmann

New standards for better water quality in Europe

The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) is due to be revised by 2019. The necessary work process is already in full swing and scientific research is providing important input. In a recent study under the auspices of the UFZ, an international...

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