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Leif Schulman Picture: Kai Widell

SYKE’s vision is Sustainability Transformation!

Finland is one of the top countries in overconsumption. Our unsustainable lifestyle accelerates biodiversity loss and climate change – two of the most pressing environmental crises of our time. Along with other Western countries, Finland needs to...

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© Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)

Research: Recycling the metals and minerals of smartphones and televisions is difficult, design is key

Great expectations are being set for digital solutions to reach climate targets, but their environmental impacts are not widely known. For example, the demand for critical raw materials used in smartphones and televisions, metals and minerals, is...

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Harbour porpoises are not very affected by the North Stream 2 pipeline

Harbour porpoises and the construction of Nord Stream 2

Nord Stream 2 pipeline could be constructed without affecting the Baltic Proper porpoise population or the integrity of the Natura2000 area.

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Bacteria that hijack the host immune system Photo: Daphne Stapels Bacteria that hijack the host immune system Photo: Daphne Stapels

Consortium on microbiological research started

The National Research Data Infrastructure for Microbiological Research (NFDI4Microbiota) aims to achieve better access to data, new tools for analysing data, standards for data and metadata, and a comprehensive training programme for scientists. It...

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© Esa Nikunen

Earth observation applications for climate change adaptation and mitigation

Climate change adaptation and mitigation are to be studied with the help of data and Artificial Intelligence in a new international research project.

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© Katri Haatainen

New handbook to guide water allocation across borders

A new handbook will promote sustainable and equitable allocation of transboundary water resources. The publication is the first of its kind and is the latest example of Finland’s significant role in international water cooperation.

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© Seppo Knuuttila

Signs of recovery in the Gulf of Finland, situation in the Bothnian Sea cause for concern

Monitoring cruises undertaken in August by the Finnish Environment Institute show that the Gulf of Finland has recovered from the deterioration caused indirectly by salt pulses in the Baltic Sea in the mid-2010s.

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240 days degrading PBSA film in conventional farming (future climate) plot Photo: Purahong / UFZ 240 days degrading PBSA film in conventional farming (future climate) plot Photo: Purahong / UFZ

Degradation of biobased plastics in the soil

The idea of biodegradable plastics sounds good at first. However, very little is known about how they are degraded in the soil and how this is influenced by climate change. In two recent studies, soil ecologists at the Helmholtz Centre for...

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Accurate forecasts help farmers to take better decisions ©Jirsak - 2021

How seasonal climate forecasts can boost European wheat production – and protect the environment

Farmers and policymakers can reap benefits from taking seasonal weather forecasts into account when making decisions about wheat. This emerges from a study by JRC scientists recently published in Nature. The study looked at the accuracy in...

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© Photo: Seppo Knuuttila.

Dissertation: Micro- and mesoplastics in the northern Baltic Sea: their fate in the seafloor and effects on benthic fauna

In her doctoral dissertation, Pinja Näkki, a researcher at the Finnish Environment Institute, has experimentally studied risks that organisms such as bivalves living on the seafloor face from microplastics.

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