Aranda - research vessel

Short description:

R/V Aranda is a modern, ice-reinforced, polar capacity multi-disciplinary R/V: marine chemistry, biology, physics and geology of the sea around the year. The well-equipped, FINAS accredited laboratories and advanced computer systems facilitate sample treatment and data analysis under way. Aranda was originally planned for the Baltic Sea research, but has proved herself on the high seas as well.   
Research vessel Aranda. Picture: Ilkka Lastumäki zoom

Short technical description:

  • Classification: DNV 
  • Length (LoA): 66.30 m 
  • Beam: 13.80 m 
  • Draft: 5.00 m 
  • Gross tonnage: 1969 GT 
  • Installed power: 2800 kW 
  • Service / maximum speed: 10/13 knots 
  • Ice-class: Finnish-Swedish 1A 
  • Endurance: 20 days 
  • Scientists: 27 persons 
  • Crew: 5-13 persons

Specific features/uniqueness:

Ice breaker capacity, dynamic positioning, fully equipped laboratory at sea, wide range of sampling equipment for physical, chemical and biological parameters, pelagic trawling capability and also complete hydroacoustic suite

Options and conditions for visiting scientists:

Open access subject to time and funding constraints. All uses are planned and incorporated in the ships annual cruise programme. Agreement on use therefore preferably has to be agreed in the autumn before the year of intended use, especially for dedicated cruises. 

Aranda is part of Eurofleets+ trans-national access program, facilitating research vessel and marine research infrastructure time for scientists: 

Unit Cost of use and principles of costing:

Real operational costs are around 20 k€ / day when the ship is used for a fully dedicated cruise. Projects that can be integrated with monitoring cruises only pay marginal costs, which depend on the actual additional time and other expenses that the research activity generates.

centre running the infrastructure:

Syke - Finnish Environment Institute

type of facility:

Research platforms


  • Syke - Finnish Environment Institute
  • Phone: +358 295 251 000

Dr Juha Flinkman