ENVICAL Syke – Calibration Laboratory

Short description:

The Syke calibration laboratory produces calibration results with high precision and traceability and is responsible for developing methods based on primary technologies. The Syke calibration laboratory contributes to the maintenance and development of the national measurement standard system and is responsible for the application of the SI system within the scope of the contract laboratory/designated institute.
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Major research issues/sites:

Development of analytical methods for high accuracy and traceability in inorganic and organic chemistry e.g. determination of trace elements in water and biological material by isotope dilution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ID-ICP-MS); and determination of perfluoroalkyl acids and hormones using isotope dilution LC-MS/MS.
Development and testing the reliability of field measurement sensors applied for in-situ and on-line environmental measurements. Testing and research of the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for environmental monitoring. Development of measurement uncertainty estimation and proficiency testing protocols for field measurements.
Research references:

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Short technical description:

Modern analytical equipment for elemental analysis, determination of organic contaminants, and metrological research.
Designated institute of Finnish National Metrology Institute in the field of chemical analysis in water environment.
Accredited calibration laboratory K054 (EN ISO/IEC 17025)
Accredited proficiency testing provider PT01 (EN ISO/IEC 17043)

Options and conditions for visiting scientists:

Access subject to joint interests/projects as well as time and funding constraints.

Unit Cost of use and principles of costing:

No cost of basic infrastructure. Funding for labour costs, travels and special consumables needed.

centre running the infrastructure:

Syke - Finnish Environment Institute

type of facility:

Laboratory / high-end instrument


  • Syke - Finnish Environment Institute
  • Phone: +358 295 251 000

Dr. Teemu Näykki


M.Sc. Mika Sarkkinen