Laboratory for Environmental Analysis and Ecotoxicology

Short description:

The Syke laboratories provide key chemical and biological analysis services required for environmental monitoring and research, in Helsinki, Joensuu, Jyväskylä and Oulu. Moreover, we provide expert assistance with laboratory functions.
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Major research issues/sites:

Research interests:

  • Applicability of characterisation techniques for engineered nanomaterials in natural waters and synthetic samples
  • Environmental fate of microplastics, engineered nanomaterials and other emerging pollutants
  • Novel analytical techniques for analysis of emerging substances (e.g. PPCPs) and POPs (e.g. BFRs)
  • New sample pretreatment and analytical techniques  
  • Biological methods for environmental stress (aquatic, benthic and terrestrial organisms)
  • Biotic ligand modelling
  • Transportation, transformation and degradation of organic contaminants in environment
  • Effects of chemical mixtures
  • Effect based analysis of substances (EDA, TIE)

Short technical description:

  • Modern analytical instrumentation (GC, LC, MS, MS/MS, ICP-OES, ICPMS)
  • Wide range of equipment and methods for environmental chemistry (organic and inorganic) 
  • Equipment for characterisation of microplastics (FTIR microscope and FPA-µFTIR) and nanomaterials (DLS, LDEP, UV-Vis, ICP-MS)
  • Infrastructure for testing ecotoxicity (e.g. nanomaterials)

Accredited testing laboratory T003 (EN ISO/IEC 17025).
Recognised as the national reference laboratory in the environmental field in Finland.
Accredited proficiency testing provider PT01 (EN ISO/IEC 17043).

Options and conditions for visiting scientists:

Access subject to joint interests/projects as well as time and funding constraints.


Unit Cost of use and principles of costing:

No cost of basic infrastructure. Funding for labour costs, travels and special consumables needed.


centre running the infrastructure:

Syke - Finnish Environment Institute

type of facility:

Laboratory / high-end instrument


  • Syke - Finnish Environment Institute
  • Phone: +358 295 251 000

Dr. Markus Sillanpää 

Dr. Katarina Björklöf