Platform for imaging and structural and metabolic spectroscopy

Short description:

Platform for imaging and structural and metabolic spectroscopy

Major research issues/sites:

Methodological and quantitative developments applied to biological products.

Characterization of structures at different scales:

  • Molecular/microscopic level of tissue/macroscopic level of products
  • Non-destructive and continuous characterization of processed food products (drying, rehydration, draining, maturation, cooking, freezing, fermentation, etc.)
  • Non-invasive characterization of vegetable tissue during growing, ripening and processing
  • High-throughput characterization of biological tissue
  • By sector (dairy products – pastry and bakery products – meat products – vegetables and plants).

Short technical description:

  • Part of the PRISM platform, labelled IBISA and strategic INRA
  • Member of life science core facilities network in Western France, Biogenouest
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Stock of research equipment – NMR and MRI coupled with MRI compatible food processing cells (from -30°C to + 200°C), and an RX scanner

Specific features/uniqueness:

Unique in Europe. MRI and NMR quantitative methodologies applied to biological products.

Options and conditions for visiting scientists:

The platform provides freely access to the facilities for experienced researchers and if personnel of the platform are required, then a project should be validated by the committee of the platform.

Unit Cost of use and principles of costing:

Costs are defined according to the origin of the users.

  1. For users coming from the platform the cost includes the maintenance and the consumable.
  2. For other academic users, participation to the overhead and to development are added to the cost level 1 for all the projects in collaboration.
  3. For service delivery the salary of the staff, the full overhead and the depreciation are added to level 2.

centre running the infrastructure:

INRAE - National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment

type of facility:

Laboratory / high-end instrument


  • Phone: +33 (0) 1 40 96 61 21