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Poultry in farm

Bird flu control for pandemic prevention must start before poultry reach wet markets, new research finds

PRESS RELEASE - Research published today reveals the speed at which avian influenza (‘bird flu’) can spread in Asia’s live bird markets and the urgent need to pivot pandemic prevention strategies.

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Combining agroecology and water resilience for sustainable food systems in Africa

How can one support the commitment of regions to an agroecological development path reconciling water resilience, food security and nutritional quality? Coordinated by CIRAD and INRAE, the MAHDIA project aims to address agricultural, food,...

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Wastewater treatment plant of the "Vallée du Hain", in Braine-le-Château, Belgium. © EU 2020

Parched lands need irrigation – wastewater could be the solution

Reusing treated wastewater in agriculture can improve food security and help combat water scarcity.

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International Society of Root Research 12th International Symposium - 12 ISRR 2024

WELCOME! We are looking forward to welcome the global root research community for ISRR 12 in Leipzig, Germany. The meeting will foster the exchange and provide a platform for discussion of new discoveries and developments and will be held in...

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EU Blue Economy: innovation and new opportunities make way for the green transition

The 2024 Blue Economy report provides a comprehensive analysis, trends and drivers of the performance of sectors which rely on EU’s coastal and marine resources.

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Extensive overbanking due to a restored water regime of the Burgauenbach brook in the Leipzig alluvial forest. Extensive overbanking due to a restored water regime of the Burgauenbach brook in the Leipzig alluvial forest Photo: Mathias Scholz

Natural climate protection: new water in historical rivercourses

A project in the Leipzig area shows how floodplain landscapes can be effectively restored in an urban environment.

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How do extensive farmers experience their bumps and highs?

Grasslands are increasingly intensively managed as more food is produced on less land. Farmers doing extensive farming - larger plots with fewer crops or animals - are slowly disappearing. How do extensive farmers experience it themselves and why do...

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Alarming number of people worldwide suffer high levels of acute food insecurity

The Global Report on Food Crises (GRFC) 2024 identifies armed conflicts as the major driver of food insecurity, and the food crisis in the Gaza Strip as the worst in eight years.

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Cut pesticide use, but how?

The use of pesticides is heavily debated. On paper, it's possible to significantly reduce pesticide usage through clever interventions, but reality proves to be more challenging. Successful green innovation requires knowledge of plant cultivation,...

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TSARA Initiative members TSARA Initiative members

The TSARA initiative confirms its commitment to transforming agrifood systems through research and innovation in partnership with Africa

Launched in March 2022, the TSARA Initiative - Transforming Food Systems and Agriculture through Research in Partnership with Africa – including 22 members from African and French institutions across 14 different countries, held its second general...

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