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SYKE - Finnish Environment Institute (Finland) DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy, Aarhus University (Denmark) EC JRC - European Commission, Joint Research Centre IRSTEA - National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture (France) CEH - Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (United Kingdom) Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra) UFZ - Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (Germany) CIENS - Oslo Centre for Interdisciplinary Environmental and Social Research peer


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Global bill for soil erosion by water: US$8,000,000,000

05/23/2019, JRC

A recent JRC study finds that soil erosion by water costs the world economy about US$8,000,000,000 (eight billion US dollars) a year. read more


EurAqua 25th anniversary celebration on June 11 in Brussels

05/17/2019, Water, Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra)

The European Network of Freshwater Research Organisations (EurAqua) holds its 25th anniversary in an event that will take place in Brussels on the 11th June (14:30-19:30)at the read more


How big is the EU's Blue Economy? The EU report on potential of coasts and oceans to provide for sustainable economic growth published

05/16/2019, JRC

The European Union's blue economy continues growing. The economic activities related to oceans, seas and coastal areas recorded gross profit of EUR 74.3 billion in 2017, with 4 read more


Forest microbiome: Mapping the symbiotic relationships between trees and microbes

05/15/2019, JRC

A scientific article published in Nature today shows how the world’s forests are built on symbiotic partnerships between trees and microbes, and how these could be affected by a read more


Human activities impeding the flow of two-thirds of the world’s longest rivers

05/12/2019, JRC

A recent Nature article that maps the world’s free-flowing rivers shows that the flow of most of the world’s longest rivers has been impeded by man-made constructions such as dams read more


A warmer Arctic will have a large and complex impact to algal production

05/09/2019, Climate Change, SYKE

The warming of the Arctic Ocean could generally increase the primary production provided by algae living in sea ice, but the impact varies greatly between latitudes, claims a study read more


First overview on chemicalization of aquatic environment completed

05/07/2019, Natural Hazards and Environmental Risks, SYKE

A new assessment of levels of harmful substances in Finnish waters has been completed. According to monitoring activities, harmful levels of mercury, fire retardants and surface read more


Nature's Dangerous Decline – extinction rates set to accelerate

05/06/2019, JRC

A global social and ecological emergency has been declared at today's launch of the IPBES Global Assessment of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, the first global biodiversity read more