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Household waste turns into new raw materials

"There is a persistent myth in Finland that sorting is not worthwhile because all the waste ends up in the same place. We decided to find out where the recyclable waste ends up from the households of the Timanttikylät villages in the small North...

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Stronger management of hazardous chemicals is needed in industry

There is a clear need to increase the knowledge of the industrial sources of hazardous chemicals and to apply measures to reduce their use and emissions to the environment. The EU funded project HAZBREF worked for more than 3 years to identify the...

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Pollutant Release and Waste Transfer Data for Finnish Industry and Agriculture published in the map service

Information on the largest sources of pollutant releases and waste transfers for Finnish industry and agriculture can now be found in the public data service at

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SYKE Policy Brief: It is time for sustainability transformation

It is time to move beyond solving environmental problems one by one, to systemic societal sustainability transformations. This is the message of the SYKE Policy Brief published today. Sustainability transformation is about rapidly fitting all our...

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Soil improving agents reduce water pollution from agricultural soils – a new guide is now available for farmers

Soil improving agents may quickly and effectively reduce the water pollution from agricultural land. Gypsum, pulp mill fibre, and structural lime have been studied comprehensively, and based on the results, a practical guide has been compiled, from...

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Raw Materials Scoreboard highlights urgency to strengthen the resilience and sustainability of raw materials supply in the EU

Today, the Commission presented the 3rd Raw Materials Scoreboard at the 2021 Raw Materials Week.   The Scoreboard presents an in-depth analysis of Europe’s raw material supply chains, their competitiveness and trade flows.

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Mainstreaming ecological restoration of streams, rivers and peatlands promotes green development in Europe

This year's exceptional weather conditions, such as the floods in Germany, have drawn attention to the inefficiency of dams and flood walls in the flood management. Instead of these, Professor Daniel Hering from the University of Duisburg-Essen, is...

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The UFZ platform CITEpro (Chemicals in the Environment Profiler) Photo: Seabstian Wiedling / UFZ

Evaluation of the risks of chemical mixtures to human health

Panoramix (Providing risk assessments of complex real-life mixtures for the protection of European citizens and the environment) is a 4-year project supported by the European Commission with a € 4.4 M grant through the Horizon Europe program. The...

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Harbour porpoises are not very affected by the North Stream 2 pipeline

Harbour porpoises and the construction of Nord Stream 2

Nord Stream 2 pipeline could be constructed without affecting the Baltic Proper porpoise population or the integrity of the Natura2000 area.

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Bacteria that hijack the host immune system Photo: Daphne Stapels

Consortium on microbiological research started

The National Research Data Infrastructure for Microbiological Research (NFDI4Microbiota) aims to achieve better access to data, new tools for analysing data, standards for data and metadata, and a comprehensive training programme for scientists. It...

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