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Professor in Environmental Geography
Professor in Environmental Geography 

Post-Doc positions and internships at Irstea
Irstea is an Institute for targeted research in  

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Mid-term Review of the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy –progress has been made, but greater efforts are needed
06 October 2015, JRC - IES
The Commission has recently published a Report on the “Mid-term Review of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 20201” (COM(2011) 244), which takes stock of progress made towards the strategy’s targets and actions since it was adopted in 2011. This review will inform decision-makers of areas in which increased efforts are needed to ensure that the EU meets its biodiversity commitments by 2020.

New knowledge centre to help the EU minimise risk of disasters
30 September 2015, JRC - IES
On 30 September, the European Commission launched a new in-house centre to help EU Member States respond to emergencies, prevent and reduce the impact of disasters. Among its activities, the Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre will offer EU countries technical and scientific advice on their risk assessment methodologies.

Annual flood damages up to 100 billion EUR by 2080
29 September 2015, JRC - IES
According to a JRC study published on 24 September, projections under a “high-end“ climate scenario show that river floods in Europe could directly affect more than half a million people a year by 2050 and nearly one million by 2080, as compared to about 200 thousand today. Related annual damages could climb from the current 5.3 billion EUR to up to 40 billion EUR in 2050 and reach 100 billion EUR by 2080, due to the combined effect of climatic change and socio-economic growth.



River Thames flood in July 2007


PEER workshop on extreme hydrological events
Extreme hydrological events workshop, 19-20 May 2015
19 May 2015, Water, CEH
The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology organised a workshop on extreme hydrological events, held in Wallingford, UK.

Nature and Urban Wellbeing: Nature-Based Solutions to Societal Challenge
18 May 2015, Biodiversity and Land Use, CEH
Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) is a rapidly emerging concept covering a range of approaches which use natural processes and species to address societal challenges. Of particular interest are solutions to problems of ecological quality and human health and wellbeing in urban environments – and their rural hinterlands – as well as reducing their global footprints. See more at: