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JRC analyses and modelling support the 6th Cohesion Report
30 July 2014, JRC - IES
JRC analysis of EU human settlements, land-use and resource efficiency, as well as modelling work addressing options for urban and regional development have fed into the 6th Report on Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion, released on 23 July by the European Commission. The report examines the state of cohesion of the Union and highlights challenges faced by national, regional and local authorities in overcoming the impact of the financial and economic crises.

JRC-IRSTEA collaboration in Hydrologic Ensemble Prediction
24 July 2014, Water, Irstea
Since 2005, researchers from PEER partners JRC and IRSTEA have been working together to explore the benefit of meteorological ensemble predictions systems for flood forecasting. They are part of a large community involved in the HEPEX initiative (Hydrological Ensemble Prediction Experiment), which currently has more than 300 members.


Dr. Ulf Mallast (UGZ) and Dr. Danny Ionescu (MPI for Marine Microbiology) befor sampling of submarine springs in the Dead Sea. Photo: Dr. Christian Siebert/UFZ


Dr. Ulf Mallast (UGZ) and Dr. Danny Ionescu (MPI for Marine Microbiology) befor sampling of submarine springs in the Dead Sea. Photo: Dr. Christian Siebert/UFZ

New water balance calculation for the Dead Sea
22 July 2014, Water, UFZ
The drinking water resources on the eastern, Jordanian side of the Dead Sea could decline severe as a result of climate change than those on the western, Israeli and Palestinian side. This is the conclusion reached by an international team of researchers that calculated the water flows around the Dead Sea.


Systems ecological perspectives on sustainability
24 September 2014, Environmental Technologies, SYKE
The first Systems ecological perspectives to sustainability conference will be held in Helsinki, Finland 24-30 September 2014. The aim of the conference is to bring together scientists and other thinkers interested in systems ecology and sustainability. (Satellite image ESA)

Wageningen Conference on Applied Soil Science 2015
23 August 2014, Soils, Forests and Agriculture, Alterra, Wageningen UR
The second edition of the Wageningen Conference on Soil Science will address once more the importance of soil science global issues. Following the success of the First Wageningen Soil Meeting we want to continue to address these topics in a dynamic way, by top keynotes, controversial debates, inspiring workshops and master classes as well as oral and poster presentations by participants.