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Soil - JRC contribution to the European Environment State and Outlook Report 2015
04 March 2015, JRC - IES
JRC experts co-authored and contributed extensively to the European soil thematic briefing of the European Environment State and Outlook 2015 Report (SOER 2015) released on 3 March by the European Environment Agency. The soil briefing highlights the increasing pressure being put on soil and on its capacity to deliver ecosystem services, in terms of food, feed, fiber and fuel production, as a biodiversity pool and as a regulator of gasses, water and nutrients. The authors also recommend the development of robust and harmonised soil monitoring baselines in order to provide regular trend updates on soil functions and degradation processes.

SYKE – building a sustainable society for two decades
02 March 2015, Society, SYKE
The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) began its operations 20 years ago in March 1995. In the same year, Finland joined the EU. “By virtue of Finland’s EU membership, SYKE was able to take part in EU research programmes. The amount of competitive funding sought-after increased rapidly and European cooperation expanded. Today, almost all research projects are conducted in cooperation with domestic or foreign universities and research facilities,” Lea Kauppi, Director General of SYKE, says.

Assessing ecosystem services in coastal and marine waters
02 March 2015, JRC - IES
A JRC-organised session on coastal and marine ecosystem services generated a lot of interest and positive feedback from the participants at last month’s annual Association of the Sciences of Limnology & Oceanography (ASLO) 2015 meeting in Granada, Spain.



Flooding at Wallingford


Extreme hydrological events workshop, 19-20 May 2015
19 May 2015, Water, CEH
The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology is organising a workshop on extreme hydrological events in Wallingford, UK.

Call for abstracts - Science for the Environment 2015
12 February 2015, Environmental Technologies, DCE
DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy, Aarhus University, has a long tradition in combining monitoring and research to inform policy-making. Together with Partnership for European Environmental Research (PEER) and the European Environment Agency, we invite researchers and practitioners to Aarhus, Denmark to discuss the future challenges and opportunities for environmental monitoring and assessment.