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SYKE - Finnish Environment Institute (Finland)DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy, Aarhus University (Denmark)EC JRC - European Commission, Joint Research CentreIRSTEA - National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture (France)CEH - Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (United Kingdom)Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra)UFZ - Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (Germany)CIENS - Oslo Centre for Interdisciplinary Environmental and Social Researchpeer


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Statement from the PEER Director:

Dear Friends,

PEER has demonstrated throughout the past 15 years what we are able to achieve together within a strategic network which is based on a European Research Area concept.

Europe and consequently PEER has definitely suffered a significant setback by the decision of Britain to leave the EU. Nevertheless, PEER should stay committed to the ERA idea despite this problematic decision. I am absolutely convinced that our partner CEH is an indispensable partner in PEER and we need to identify ways to continue our fruitful collaborations even if common programs or projects will be harder to realize in future.


Georg Teutsch
PEER Director


Water purification by Mother Nature and its benefits for society
04 January 2017, JRC
Water for drinking, home and public use, as well as for agriculture and industry is provided for free by Mother Nature or, as scientists and policy-makers put it, by ecosystem services. A study led by the JRC puts the benefits of this "free" service at €16 billion a year at European level, a conservative estimate in terms of actual consumption by economic sectors and households.

River basin management plans can be legally effective
29 December 2016, Water, SYKE
The river basin management plan (RBMP) established by the Water Framework Directive (WFD, 2000/60/EC) has the potential to be a legally effective document. In Finland the RBMP is legally effective in the discretion of permits, but not when setting municipal regulations for environmental protection. So claims Senior Research Scientist Jussi Kauppila from the Finnish Environment Institute in his doctoral thesis “The legal effectiveness of the river basin management plan”.

JRC launches collaborative doctoral partnerships
20 December 2016, JRC
The importance of science-based evidence for policy making is increasingly recognised by the decision makers and finds resonance in academia. To enhance the science-policy interface, the JRC is launching a new Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (CDP) scheme in cooperation with universities from the EU Member States and countries associated to the EU Horizon 2020 research programme. The partnership will offer opportunities to a new generation of doctoral students, with particular focus on research for policymaking.


Towards a strategy for open data access in PEER – Challenges, Methods and Tools
17 October 2016, JRC
Considering the European Commission's policy of open access to research data and the general trend to improve accessibility of research data, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) is organising an open data PEER workshop which aims to help develop a common strategy and guidelines for data provision by the PEER partners. The workshop will be held in the JRC headquarters in Brussels from 17-18 October 2016.

PEER scientific seminar on data integration, exploration and analytics
Big Data Integration, Exploration and Analytics in Environmental Sciences - Open PEER scientific seminar
02 September 2016, Environmental Technologies, Irstea
With the kind support of the scientific department of the French Embassy, the Institute Francais in Munich and the BFHZ (Bayerisch-Französisches Hochschulzentrum).