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1.25 million euro grant for the FINMARI consortium from the Academy of Finland
22 January 2015, Marine, SYKE
The Academy of Finland has granted 1.25 million euros to the Finnish Marine Research Infrastructure consortium FINMARI, which is managed by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE. The Academy has recently granted a total of 19.3 million euros to 48 research infrastructure projects in different fields.

More oil spill observations on seas
21 January 2015, Marine, SYKE
Press release by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE and the Finnish Border Guard In 2014, the amount of suspected oil spill observations reported to Finnish authorities grew by one third, compared to the previous year. Eventually, 68 of the spills were confirmed to be oil. Most of them were minor spills near harbours or shores. In two cases, the estimated amount of oil released into the sea was over 1 cubic metre.

Pit Lake Guadiana in the former mining area Herrerias in Andalusia, Spain. Photo: Bertram Boehrer/UFZ
Pilot plant for the removal of extreme gas charges from deep waters
18 January 2015, Water, UFZ
Being part of the mining area Herrerias in Andalusia, deep waters of Pit Lake Guadiana show extremely high concentration of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2). In the case of a spontaneous ebullition, human beings close-by would be jeopardized.


Harmaja Heli Vilmi 335
The Baltic Sea Research Week
27 November 2014, Marine, SYKE
SYKE is hosting a number of scientific seminars and workshops related to the Baltic Sea and especially the Gulf of Finland in November in Helsinki. Topics vary from pollution to modelling and spatial planning. We invite all interested researchers and experts to participate - find the topic of your interest!

Bloom-filled Baltic node Esa web 335px
Systems ecological perspectives on sustainability
24 September 2014, Environmental Technologies, SYKE
The first Systems ecological perspectives to sustainability conference will be held in Helsinki, Finland 24-30 September 2014. The aim of the conference is to bring together scientists and other thinkers interested in systems ecology and sustainability. (Satellite image ESA)