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Continued positive outlook for crops
27 April 2015, JRC - IES
The latest Monitoring Agricultural Resources (MARS) bulletin, published today, finds that the weather conditions in most regions have been favourable for winter crop growth and spring sowings during the period of review (from 1 March to 20 April). Overall, the yield outlook is positive - close to, or somewhat above, the long-term average.

Earth Day marks 25th anniversary
22 April 2015, JRC - IES
Earth Day, celebrated on 22 April since 1970, is marked around the globe with initiatives and events on environmental protection. This week the JRC presents its work on soil, which is critical to life on Earth. Soil protection and sustainable land management are essential for preserving the environment and ensure water, food and energy for a growing population.

JRC releases its latest web based tool assessing the world's protected areas
09 April 2015, JRC - IES
DOPA Explorer 1.0 is the JRC's latest web-based interface which provides a simple way to explore nearly 16 000 of the world's protected areas. Distinguishing for the first time between terrestrial, marine and mixed protected areas, DOPA Explorer 1.0 proposes new indicators that can help end users to identify those areas with the most unique ecosystems and species. It can also assess the pressures to which they are exposed due to human activities.



Flooding at Wallingford


Extreme hydrological events workshop, 19-20 May 2015
19 May 2015, Water, CEH
The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology is organising a workshop on extreme hydrological events in Wallingford, UK.

Nature and Urban Wellbeing: Nature-Based Solutions to Societal Challenge
18 May 2015, Biodiversity and Land Use, CEH
Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) is a rapidly emerging concept covering a range of approaches which use natural processes and species to address societal challenges. Of particular interest are solutions to problems of ecological quality and human health and wellbeing in urban environments – and their rural hinterlands – as well as reducing their global footprints. See more at: