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Statement from the PEER Director:

Dear Friends,

PEER has demonstrated throughout the past 15 years what we are able to achieve together within a strategic network which is based on a European Research Area concept.

Europe and consequently PEER has definitely suffered a significant setback by the decision of Britain to leave the EU. Nevertheless, PEER should stay committed to the ERA idea despite this problematic decision. I am absolutely convinced that out partner CEH is an indispensable partner in PEER and we need to identify ways to continue our fruitful collaborations even if common programs or projects will be harder to realize in future.


Georg Teutsch
PEER Director


Handbook of Zambian mushrooms gaining international recognition
20 June 2016, Biodiversity and Land Use, SYKE
Mycologists Marja Härkönen, Tuomo Niemelä and Heikki Kotiranta along with their Zambian colleague Keddy Mbindo and British colleague Graham Piearce have published a guidebook on Zambian mushrooms, entitled Zambian mushrooms and mycology. Being the first four-colour illustrated publication on Zambian mushrooms, the book can be considered as a major cultural achievement, as it might be only the second comprehensive handbook on mushrooms native to the African continent. The first, entitled Tanzanian mushrooms, was also primarily written by Härkönen and Niemelä (2003).

Fairly good crop yield outlook for the EU-28
20 June 2016, JRC - IES
The latest MARS crop monitoring bulletin, published today, reports that crop yield prospects at the EU-28 level remain clearly above the five-year average. Crop-growing conditions in Spain are excellent, but are less positive in western Europe.

Soil quality key for future food security, better data is vital
20 June 2016, JRC - IES
Future food security depends on a variety of factors - but better soil data could substantially help improve projections of future crop yields, a new study shows.


PEER scientific seminar
28 April 2016, PEER
This seminar which is being held in Berlin shall be dedicated to discussions on potential future PEER activities.


River Thames flood in July 2007


PEER workshop on extreme hydrological events
Extreme hydrological events workshop, 19-20 May 2015
19 May 2015, Water, CEH
The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology organised a workshop on extreme hydrological events, held in Wallingford, UK.