Zackenberg Research Station is situated in a unique setting in an undisturbed high arctic ecosystem in Northeast Greenland.

Zackenberg Research Station consists of a terrestrial branch at Zackenberg (74 28’N; 20 35’W) and a marine branch at Daneborg (74 18’N; 20 13’W). In total the infrastructure can accommodate 35 scientists at a time. The infrastructure provides all relevant basic equipment and facilities for natural science in the Arctic. This includes, among other things, well-equipped laboratories, differential GPS, different surveying equipment, climate stations etc. An extensive ecosystem monitoring is carried out as an integrated part of the run of the research station. Data from the monitoring (in total 3,500 both biotic and abiotic parameters are measured each year) are provided free-of-charge to scientists using the infrastructure.

Zackenberg Research Station is open for any scientists being interested in using the facility. The capacity is however limited, and therefore approval of stay will be made based on applications. Deadline for the 2016 access application to Zackenberg is 15 February 2016 (relevant forms available on