European research partnerships: working on current and future challenges

Recent European projects Wageningen Envrionmental Research is participating in or is coordinating, are now being presented in an e-magazine. The stories illustrate the value of European research cooperation in the field of climate change and biodiversity conservation: for Wageningen University & Research, for the Netherlands and for Europe.

European research into climate change and biodiversity


Our climate is changing dramatically and biodiversity faces many challenges. In agriculture, in cities and in the countryside, there are enormous problems with the quality and quantity of water. Ensuring sufficient, safe, sustainably produced and affordable food for all remains a challenge on a local and global level.


The magazine contains five chapters, which offers examples of European cooperative ventures relating to Circular agriculture, Climate-neutral agriculture and food production, Climate-resistant rural and urban areas, Digital knowledge dissemination among European farmers, Healthy and safe food, and Sustainable and safe oceans and inland waters.


The stories are written in a very accessible way and are illustrated with videos.


Open magazine here: Welcome - European Research EN (