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Conflicts, weather extremes and economic shocks are the main drivers of acute food insecurity. © UNICEF 2021

Global Food Crises – mid-year update 2023: hunger and malnutrition levels remain alarmingly high

Almost 238 million people across 48 food crisis countries face high levels of acute food insecurity, affecting nearly 1 in 5 individuals of the analysed population.

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Extensive cooperation project towards a sustainable circular economy for plastics in Finland by 2035

An extensive cooperation project to promote the circular economy of plastics was launched in Finland. Led by the Ministry of the Environment and the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke), the PlastLIFE SIP project is part of the EU’s LIFE programme...

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Water quality deteriorating in rivers worldwide due to climate change

Climate change and increases in drought and rainstorms pose serious challenges to our water management. Not only the availability of water is under pressure, but also its quality. However, according to the most recent IPCC report our current...

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Webinar: Recent EU perspectives on soil

Three presentations by speakers linked to the EU Soil Observatory, who will cover complementary perspectives on soil.

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New data reveal challenges for zooplankton as Arctic Sea ice declines

Letizia Tedesco, a polar biological oceanographer at the Finnish Environment Institute, recently wrote a piece “Zooplankton dilemma in the twilight” for the News & Views section of the Nature Climate Change journal. She was invited to report and...

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New research reveals global plastic pollution patterns in river basins

Plastic pollution in the world's oceans is a critical environmental issue that demands urgent attention. A recent study published in Nature Communications has shed light on the complex dynamics of plastic pollution in river basins, offering valuable...

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Stagnation in recovery European freshwater biodiversity following decades of progress

A multinational team of researchers found that biodiversity in European river systems has increased significantly over a period from 1968 to 2020. However, this positive trend has stagnated since 2010 and many river systems have not been able to...

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Biodiversity restoration in European freshwaters stagnates after decades of progress

Biodiversity in European river systems increased significantly between 1968 and 2020, but this recovery has stagnated since 2010. Many river systems have not fully recovered, according to an international team of researchers. The study of...

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The onset of flowering varies dramatically from year to year in the high-Arctic -- but overall, flowering is not getting earlier. Photo by Niels Martin Schmidt.

Huge fluctuations in onset of spring in the high-Arctic

The original, extreme rates of phenological change have been replaced by large year-to-year variation in the timing of events, pushing phenological limits of species.

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New model for the drinking water market in Jordan

Water scarcity is a basic problem in many regions of the world. The consequences of this are black markets for drinking water, unauthorised water extraction from private wells, and the uncontrolled decline of groundwater supplies. For Jordan, one of...

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