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Food production could come under strain as soils lose phosphorus

Soils are losing phosphorus, a vital plant nutrient, at an alarming rate globally.

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Tatu Sailaranta: The EU’s policy of adapting to climate change should be better aligned with its trade policy

In May the European Commission announced a plan for a new strategy for adapting to climate change. The plan highlights the importance of taking adjusting to climate change into consideration in foreign and security policy. It hardly deals with trade...

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EU Member States agree on threshold value to keep Europe’s beaches clean

Today, the Commission publishes a threshold value for marine litter on coastlines, to help clean up Europe’s beaches and keep them clean.

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Auchencorth monitoring site, Scotland (Photo: Ian Leith, UKCEH)

Long-term monitoring sites are key to assessing impacts of COVID-19

Europe’s extensive network of field research sites will play a crucial role in assessing the impacts of COVID-19 on the essential benefits that the natural world brings to humans.

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Isolation of protected areas a major blind spot in habitat conservation

A mere 10 % of nature protection areas worldwide are connected to each other by green corridors, a study published in Nature Communications with the contribution of JRC scientists has found out.

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One step closer to a new system for measuring carbon sequestration in dairy production

Researchers at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) partnered with FrieslandCampina to develop a monitoring system that keeps track of the soil carbon sequestration on dairy farms. The resulting insights could help dairy farmers see how soil carbon...

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JRC assesses critical raw materials for Europe’s green and digital future

Today, the JRC publishes the results of assessments of selected raw materials, with factsheets and reports presenting the criticality of each.

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The Baltic Sea region’s waste management for unused medicines must be improved

Of the measures to reduce emissions of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), improving the take-back and treatment of pharmaceutical waste is considered low-hanging fruit. However, comparable information about the collection, take-back, and...

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Spontaneous forest establishment in Europe.© Irene Martin-Fores

Spontaneous forest establishment in Europe: an opportunity for landscape conservation and management

Since the 1950s, the forest cover of Europe has expanded by 300,000 km2—about the area of Italy. This increment is the result of extensive tree-planting programmes, but also of the spontaneous establishment of forest vegetation—known as...

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Control of SCR-systems using roadside remote sensing. Source: DCE

Control of SCR-systems using roadside remote sensing

Cheat or cold engine? Scientists and police performed Heavy Duty Truck control of SCR cleaning systems for removal of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust from trucks and methods for identification of manipulated and defect SCR-systems.

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