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Syke Policy Brief: Preventing biodiversity loss with ecological restoration

Restoration of watersheds, wetlands, and forests is a way to compensate for the human-caused damage on biodiversity. Halting biodiversity loss is essential for safeguarding ecosystems and human well-being. In a fresh Syke Policy Brief the Finnish...

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Drone - Pixabay CC01

Using drones to map habitats - an interactive online course

This interactive course will give you the skills to take images collected from a UAV platform, process them into a scene for image processing and generate classified images.

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Water requirements of freshwater ecosystems - an interactive online training course

This one-day course online will equip you with knowledge, tools and experience to assess the water requirements of freshwater ecosystems and understand the implications for water resources and flood management.

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Forest fires are one of the main causes of the decline of tree diversity. © drotik - 2023

Scientists estimate that by 2095 forest services will decrease on average by 52% in Europe’s Mediterranean area

A new study models how changing climate conditions will impact forest services such as wood for construction and paper, edible fruits, leaves, roots and other services.

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2013 flood on the Elbe near Dessau-Rosslau. 2013 flood on the Elbe near Dessau-Rosslau. Photo: André Künzelmann/UFZ

Natural flood prevention: higher trust through better communication

A UFZ study shows: If the population feels well informed, it has a more positive view towards nature-based flood prevention. In many places today, dikes are being moved back, and floodplains are being revitalised in order to give the river more...

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Study: past extreme climate warming triggered by tipping points

Can a rapid warming of Earth trigger tipping points in our climate? For decades scientists have debated if today’s warming can strongly amplify itself by triggering a catastrophic release of greenhouse gases. New research, published in Science...

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Transforming Environmental Data in R - 2-day online training course, May 2023

This 2-day interactive online course will help you understand the benefits of data transformation tools (such as R). The course also includes an optional "Introduction to R" session for those not familiar with the software on 15 May.

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Eucapsis sp Phytoplanton ID (C) Isabelle Fournier (UKCEH) Eucapsis sp Phytoplanton ID (C) Isabelle Fournier (UKCEH)

Freshwater Phytoplankton Identification - interactive training course, Oxfordshire UK

Interactive training course on identifying freshwater phytoplankton, 10-14 July

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Evidence synthesis - online training course

This online course will introduce you to Evidence Synthesis, Evidence Review, rapid Evidence Assessments and Systematic Reviews.

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Robust scientific methods to assess the sustainability of products help increase consumer trust in green claims. © EU 2023

EU science and policy to help citizens who want to buy green products

The Commission proposed new rules today to fight greenwashing by obliging companies to prove their environmental claims. Scientists of the Commission had developed methods with which companies can show the greenness of their products.

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