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The map shows the land use intensity index (LUI). Source.UFZ The map shows the land use intensity index (LUI). Source.UFZ

Studying grassland from space

UFZ researchers develop a method with which they can utilise satellite data and artificial intelligence to determine the land-use intensity of meadows and pastures. Extensively used grassland is host to a high degree of biodiversity, and performs an...

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Tree mortality in the Italian Alps driven by windstorms and bark-beetle infestations © Alessandro Cescatti

Climate variability drives global decline of forest resilience

Understanding the underlying mechanisms of forest resilience is of paramount importance to develop sound conservation and management plans.

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16 coal-fired power stations operate in the region. © despotodstiga - 2022

Limited progress on environmental and climate protection in the Western Balkans

The Western Balkans made some improvements in aligning environmental and climate monitoring, as well as reporting legislation with EU standards. Implementation, however, is patchy, concludes a JRC report released today.

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© Photo: Esa Nikunen/SYKE

Increasing tree harvest does not help to reach Paris agreement targets

A fresh review study shows that increased felling reduces carbon sequestered in forests significantly in both boreal and temperate regions. It is often argued that although increased harvesting does reduce carbon sequestered in forests, this is a...

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Suvi Lehtoranta

Dissertation: Towards circular economy in wastewater management – Environmental impacts, benefits and drawbacks of improved nutrient recovery and recycling by source separation

According to the dissertation, source separation of wastewater would significantly increase the efficiency of nutrient recovery from wastewater. Meanwhile, the climate impact of wastewater treatment would decrease.

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© Fortum

Information concerning the environmental impacts and health effects of plastics is lacking – more data is needed especially on health effects and impacts on terrestrial environment

Information on the environmental impacts and health effects of plastics is still lacking, tells a recent study by the Finnish Environment Institute and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

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Wastewater, agriculture and urbanization have the biggest absolute impact on the multifunctionality of streams and rivers. Source: UFZ

Ecological functions of streams and rivers severely affected globally

Agriculture, loss of habitat or wastewater effluents - human stressors negatively impact biodiversity in streams and rivers. Very little is known yet about the extent to which their capacity for self-purification and other essential ecosystem...

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The Finnish Freshwater Competence Centre aims to boost science, education, and business with key technologies

The main goal of the Freshwater Competence Centre is to promote the research infrastructure, equipment, and the outstanding Finnish freshwater competence and knowledge both nationally and internationally, in order to make wide-reaching science with...

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IIASA-PEER workshop Climate Information Services

These presentations give insight in past and current projects and provide links to reports and web sites. Feel free to share!

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Characterization of major drought events in Europe over the past 250 years. Image: UFZ

New Drought Benchmark in Europe

These were days, months and years that many will come to remember: the drought from 2018 to 2020. An international team of researchers led by scientists from the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) has succeeded in categorizing the...

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