Chemical Biological Laboratory for Wageningen UR

Short description:

Chemical Biological Laboratory for Wageningen UR

Major research issues/sites:

The laboratory supports research and education aimed at chemical analyses, soil chemistry and soil biology by:

  • Analyses of soil, plant and water samples;
  • Researchexperiments (analyses methods, denitrification, respiration, DMT and soil column, etc.)
  • Kwantification and determination of earthworms, potworms en nematods;
  • Supervision MSc- and PhD-students

Short technical description:

The work field includes: the analysis (total amounts) of inorganic components in soil, plant, soil moisture and water, the determination of available nutrients and metals in soil using different extraction methods and determination of soil characteristic parameters.

Analyses equipment: ICP-AES, HR-ICP-MS, Segmented Flow Analysers, TOC-analysers. The laboratory has a RvA-accreditation for testing laboratories  (Dutch Accreditation Council) for the analyses of soil, plant and water samples.

Options and conditions for visiting scientists:

Perform analyses and experiments by the lab against reimbursement of the actual cost.

Unit Cost of use and principles of costing:

For prices of the analyses see:

centre running the infrastructure:

WENR - Wageningen Environmental Research

type of facility:

Laboratory / high-end instrument


  • WENR - Wageningen Environmental Research

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